It was great to have a nice long week off from school after 2 long days of finals! During this long week I got to enjoy memorable moments with friends and family! Spending time with family and friends mean so much for me because those are some of the moments that you will never forget! First, I got to enjoy some time with my dear friend Jade who I go to High School with and also run with her on the cross county team! We decided to spend our time doing a photo shoot in the downtown of Apex, NC. In downtown you can find so may unique backdrops in place that are out in the open but also in cute little spots behind all of the shops! Jade and I both agree how photo last a life time so why not take a few to last forever! After, we got to enjoy some nice coffee from the local coffee shop in downtown as the sun began to go down and create a beautiful sunset!

MY OUTFIT: overalls are from Abercrombie & Fitch-  SOLD OUT (simular  here &  here ),  my shirt is from Madewell- ON SALE right now ( here ),  Necklace is thrifted (simular to this one here )

JADE'S OUTFIT: Dress is from Abercrobie & Fitch- NO LONGER AVALIBLE ( simular to here ), Necklace is J.crew- NO LONGER AVALIBLE (simular to here )