I am not sure if you can tell, but I might have changed a few things. I have been seeing so many pictures of woman with their shorter hair and I decided I might want to try something different! So on Saturday I took the big step of cutting off 4.5 inches of my hair and still have not regretted it since. I have enjoyed getting to play around with new hair styles as it might come a little challenge for me because of the change of long hair to short hair!

Because I got a new hair style, I decided why not get a few new hair products and tools to help me style my hair. I got to use my new NuMe curling set that helped me create these beautiful curls shown throughout this post! I really enjoy how with my JAM SET I can create so many different styles of curls using the 3 different interchangeable barrels. You can style you hair anywhere from beach waves to more tighter curls that are great for more formal occasions! I am so glad I was able to come across this product and can't wait to share with you all the more adventure of me trying new things with this new change!

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