It finally is feeling as if winter is actually here! Here in the state of North Carolina we have had 60 degree weather all through Christmas, and being from the north, it made me the happiest person in the world just to see the first snowflake fall. Because it is the south, no one really knows how to deal with snow, so that means for me NO SCHOOL, even with only 5 inches of snow.

So by the time it was all said and done, we got 2 days off of school and a 3hour delay. I am so glad that we got this break from school because it gave me a chance to be with a very sweat and special friends of mine that I have not gotten to see since middle school. Madeline and I got to enjoy catching up and maybe sneaking in a few polaroid's here and there to capture a few memories!
I really find it so neat how some of you closest friends, and the most special friends, can be the ones that you don't get to see as often. It is as if there is this feeling that because you don't get to see them in a day to day bases, it just makes them that much closer of a friend. There is always so much for you to talk about and so much you can do together! I hope that we might get one more glimpse of snow as the winter is coming to the end and that I might be able to enjoy a few more snow days like these two!