Spring Break is fast approaching, and me and a couple friends are preparing for a tropical trip to the Caribbean! I so excited to take a break from school and be able to kick back and relax in the sun with my new bikini, be able to lay on a towel, and enjoy and a good book!

As I am packing for this tropical trip, I wanted to share with all of you a few of my go to packing tips, as well as my favorite essentials that I must always have with me!

My packing list for my getaway includes a couple bathing suits, 2 casual dresses, 2 formal dresses, a couple louse and light tops, shorts, minimal makeup, and some good pairs of shades!

No matter how big or small of a packing job I have to do, I always recommend rolling your clothes! I find this to be the best way to pack because it reduces any wrinkles that ma be created on your clothing, and it saves so much room so you could maybe fit a few more pairs of shoes because you can never go wrong with a couple more pairs shoes!  Another thing I can never go without is my pouches! No matter where I go, I always feel as if I have some pouch that is in my bag to keep something organized! I love them because I can really helps separate each item to  help you be able to find it all very easily. I recommend having one for all face and body treatment, for makup, jewelry, electronics, pencils, and one for any hair products!

I really can't wait to enjoy the sun with all my warm weather essentials and relax on the beach! I hope you all enjoy your break and enjoy all of the beautiful weather that is coming as spring is heading our way!


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