As the tropical vacation continues, me and my friends got to explore and enjoy St. Marten. As soon as we arrived to the islands, we knew it was not a let down. We immediately headed to a private tiki hut that was tucked behind the main town! I got to experience some amazing and some very colorful snorkeling while at the tiki hut! After a couple hours laying out and soaking in the beautiful surroundings, we headed into the town. The streets were lined with colorful boutiques and yummy restaurants that lead to the beautiful beach. I’m constantly searching for an amazing image, wandering down random alleys or standing on ledges to get “the” shot. I love pictures. I love how they make me feel and capturing exactly what I’m envisioning in my head is such a satisfying experience. In the town, I felt like shot was "the" shot!

I always bring with me a white button down and a good romper! They are great essentials to have throughout a trip because they are both so lightweight and just easy to slip on! I wore this Neiman Marcus button down and American Eagle romper! I love using them both as a coverup or dressing them up whenever I am at home.