Now being back in North Carolina, I have definitely noticed how the weather has warmed up! I am so glad that it is feeling like spring with the perfect weather, blooming trees and bushes, and floral prints everywhere! While enjoying being back home, me and my friend Hailey walked around enjoying the beautiful weather and came across this beautiful bush! I feel it almost represents spring with its bold color and amazing scent that fills the air.

This got me thinking on a way to share with you all my love for spring and all its beauty that is apart of it. So I decided to show you 2 of my favorite go to hair styles for the spring season.

The first hair style is a "Pulled Back Braid". You can d so much with this hair style like making it look more sleek and elegant or messy and bohemian like mine above.

First thing I do is I pull up half of my hair and tie it together with a rubber elastic hair tie. Then to make the hairstyle to have a more finished look, I take a small section of the hair and wrap it around where the elastic hair tie is. Next I section my hair into three pieces and tightly braid it all the way down and then tie it off with a clear elastic hair tie.

Personally I like to pull on the braid to give it more volume and a bohemian look, but that is up to you if you want to do that based on what kind of hairstyle you are going for.

"Braided Crown"

First you grab three small sections from the front of you hair. You will then continue by Dutch braiding, and when you get to around your ear, you will continue to Dutch braid but only add sections to the top piece of your braid. Continue the braid all the way around your head. When you get the back of your head, it does get a little harder, but I recommend switch around your hands so it is comfortable to continue braiding.

As you get to the other side of your head, continue to arrange your hands so they are comfortable when you go to braid the different part of the braid. You will continue by adding hair to the braid until you have no more left. Once this happens, you braid your hair the rest of the way down and tie it off with a clear elastic. Once I am finished, I like to  pull of the braid like I did before to create volume and cover up any errors.

To finish off the braided crown, pin the end of the braid on top of the first part of the braid. I then just tuck and pin any fly awes that are left over!

I really love how this braid feels and looks with this outfit! I think both of these hair styles are perfect for this outfit because of they compliment and add a texture to the whole idea of the outfit. The combination of this outfit really makes me think about spring. It does this with the flow of the shirt and the uniqueness I see the skirt. Below I showed some of my other favorite pieces that I love to wear during this time or year and scream spring... Go and check it out!!

*NOTE: the shirt was designed by me and the purse is vintage. So I tried to find similar pieces that look very similar.*