Outfit Details:

My friends Lexi, Sydney, and I just arrived here in Hilton head just the other day. Both Lexi and Sydney have been here several times, where as this is my first time here in Hilton Head. So their first thing they recommended was to go for a nice bike ride. When you go for a bike ride, you are always hoping for the perfect weather, and that is exactly what we got. A nice, cooling breeze, the perfect temperature, and a wonderful smell in the air that just made everything seem so peaceful and relaxing! 

I loved getting to bike around this beautiful island and see all of its beauty! I totally wish that we had al this bike paths near me because it is one of the best ways to get around! I love the breeze the run right past you body and the excitement you get as you are heading to your next destination! This is exactly why I think this outfit is the most perfect outfit for this activity. This pink flounce shirt, that I found at forever 21, let the perfect amount of wind glide through as you ride, and the skirt is so comfortable which is one of the key things you need for a good bike ride! Honestly, I think biking is one of the best ways to get around and makes everything so much more fun!!