Outfit Detail:

This past weekend, I go to spend the forth up at Lake Michigan at my grandparents lake house. It is absolutely one of my favorite places to be during the summer time with the perfect weather and all the beautiful beaches on the lake side! So what better than spending the Forth of July week in this beautiful place! 
On the forth, we got lucky enough to see a beautiful sunset! It was so nice to be able to sit by the fire, roast some s'mores, and spin around with sparkler as we all watch the sun slowly go down! I think the sunset's on Lake Michigan are truly like no other! It is almost as if the sun is dipping down into the water, and as it get deeper and deeper, it is like you can see the other half of the sun through the reflection on the lake. And once the sun has set, you can drastically see the change in lighting as all the pink and orange streaks slowly fade in to the dark.
As soon as the night falls, the fireworks begin, and I just love how fireworks light up the sky! They especially are the most beautiful thing over the lake and how you can see the light of the firework as if it part of the water when it reflects onto the water! 
I thought these linen shorts and slowly laced crouched top from Old Navy were perfect for the night and all the fun festivities that we got to enjoy! Both are so comfortable and casual but are still very chic! And since we were on the beach, I really did not want to have to care to much about getting a nice dress dirty or be uncomfortable which made the combination of the outfit so perfect! I am so glad I got to spend the forth in Michigan and enjoy time with friends and family while celebrating the freedom and the independence this country gives us! Hope everyone had an amazing forth of July

Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring this post