Over the Forth of July week, I got to spend some amazing time with my good friend Jade that many of you have seen in a lot of my recent blog posts! We had one of the best weeks being able to chill by the lake and enjoying some of the amazing weather. We both agreed it was some of the best weather we had felt all summer, especially coming from the humidity we experience down in the south! On one of the days, I can remember us spending hours down at the beach! We would lay out and have long conversations, and to cool off, we would run right into the water and dive under. But one of my favorite part of the whole day was heading up into the dunes! It is such a scenic spot and you can honestly get one of the best views of the lake! 
In this post, both me and Jade wore high waisted bikini bottoms. I have always loved these kind of bottoms because they are so unique and not something you see everyday, and I think I got Jade into them as well:) This past year, they have been my go to whenever I go to the beach and can make a great fashionable statement!