At the beginning of the summer, I traveled to Asheville NC with my family. It was so fun to experience the nature that is within my own state and live within it for a full week! 

One of me and my family favorite thing to do while in a new place is to experience the food options they have and try something new! Some of my favorite place were the french chocolate lounge, farm burger, mountain madre, and twisted laurel. Asheville has such a wide variety for everyone, whether you are a vegan or a foodie, they have about everything! 

As a city girl, one of my personal favorite spots was just exploring the streets of downtown Asheville. Within every corner you turned, there was more fun to await. There are cute mineral shops, boutiques, thrift shops, before i die.... walls, and my favorite, a dessert double decker bus. The city was so close to the airbnb that I was staying in, so it was always so much fun to find something new to enjoy while there. 

But when in Asheville, there is nothing better than see and exploring that nature that surrounds you on every corner. Some adventures that I definitely recommend you checking out is the 
Pisgah National Forest, a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mount Mitchell, DuPont State Park, and going Ziplining with Navitat is a must! 

On the last day, me and a couple members of my family checked out the Botanical Gardens. As soon as I walked in, I feel in love. It was filed with green rooms and it had the coolest exhibit of Bonsai Trees which was one of the coolest things I have seen. I even had a butterfly hand on my hand and then it landed on my cousins face. It was the funnest thing ever! Make sure to check out the blog for that clip. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little travel guide of my Asheville experience and don't forget to check out more details of my trip in the video down bellow.