The checked print is coming back from the 70s and even better than before. You probably have seen this print popping up all over the streets of fashion week and on the runways this season. You can find it in about any silhouette starting with a pair of trousers to anything in-between. 

Two of my favorite pieces that I love to wear in this print is a blazer and a cute mini skirt. I feel like both of these pieces can be very versatile and can be styled in many different ways. Here, I decided to style my mini skirt that I found at Forever 21. I paired it with my oversized, cropped sweater that is also from Forever 21. It was a perfect combination because how boxiness of the sweater flowed over the skirt to create a cohesive look. Some of the other ways I like to style my mini skirt is; with a simple graphic tee, a cropped zip up, and a pair of sneakers to give it more of a casual vibe to the look.

When it comes to styling my checked blazer, it seems like there is nothing that it does not go with. My favorite one is a houndstooth printed blazer from Forever 21. It is a perfect piece to layer over many items, which is why it is so great for this time of year. I find myself constantly layering it over a sweater to add the extra but of warmth and to complete the look. 

Because this print is vintage, you can find in about any thrift store in your area. I actually found two of my absolute favorite blazers in the checked print at my local thrift store. Some of my other go to spots to find this print is Forever 21, ASOS, or Topshop. I made sure to link some of my favorite checked pieces down below that are all at an affordable price.  

sweater- forever 21
skirt- forever 21
boots- topshop 

SOME OF MY FAVORITES (all affordable):
1. Forever 21 (skirt)
2. Forever 21 (skirt)
3. Forever 21 (blazer)
4. Forever 21 (jumpsuit)
5. Forever 21 (dress)

*kindly sponsored by forever 21