1. COIN Album- I have been listening to this album non stop and they have become my favorite band! I realized just the other day that they are going to be playing in NYC the same time that I am going to be there, and I about flipped out. The vibe of the music is everything I look for and I definitely recommend for anyone to check them out! 

2. Gisou hair oil- this is basically an enriching hair oil. The oil is infused with honey which not only is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the honey also maintains the hair's natural oil. Resulting in healthier and stronger locks. 
3. Anastasia brow pencil- My eyebrows are pretty fun as it is so I never thought i needed to fill in my brows. But just this past year, it has become my go to thing to do in my makeup routine. If there was only one makeup item that I had to use, I would for sure choose filling in my brows. Just recently I tried out my friends Anastasia brow pencil and fell in love it. It get all the right spots and makes it easy to fill in all the little spots. 
4. I.AM.GIA Jacket- If I had to wear one jacket this season, it would be hands down be my teddy bear coat from I.AM.GIA! I have so many jacket in my wardrobe, but I have found myself always grabbing for this jacket!
5. Baker boy hat (other patterns here and here)- You have probably seen these hats every where you turn this season. I just got my hands on one this month and it is now my favorite accessory. My brother and sister are always telling me that I look like a 2000 mom in that hat, but I still LOVE it!
6. Black Overalls- I can never get enough of my overall. I wear them year round! They are definitely seen more as a fall trend, but I find myself wearing mine in the winter, spring, summer and fall! This season, I have been loving my black pair and pairing a chunky sweater or sweatshirt underneath it.