Creating an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing as well as cohesive can be hard but it is not it is not impossible to achieve. One of my most asked questions, whether it be on social media or even from my friends, I show do I create a feed that all works together? Well today I want to help answer that questions by giving my best tips and tricks as well as sharing my got to apps I use.


  1. If this is your first time of working toward creating an Instagram theme, I first recommend for you to get an idea of what you want it to look like. You could draw inspiration from your favorite people you follow and decide what aspects you want to involve in your own personal feed
  2. When I first started creating a theme, I went onto Pinterest and searched "Instagram themes." As soon as you search, there are going to be a ton of results with endless possibilities for how you can edit your photos t get your perfect feed. This is the perfect way to start out because by finding a common way of editing your photos will automatically help you create a feed and then you can always play around with your editing skills as you begin to get more of a hang of it. It is like dipping your toe in the water and then as you get more comfortable, you can dive right in.
  3. Make sure you are staying true to who you are and being the unique person you are :)
  4. Watch the video down below for more tips and tricks 


  1. UNUM- Perfect for setting up your feed and helps you get an idea of what your layout would look like before you post
  2. VSCO- my favorite app for all things filters 
  3. FaceTune- Can't get enough of the whitening tool 
  4. Layout- Best app for sleek collages
  5. Glitché- Has the coolest effects