Today I wanted to she my Lazy Girl's Guide When You're Running Late. Now, I'm not really lazy- I just happen tot have "lazy-like tendencies." One of those tendencies is hitting the snooze button like it's my job, which is turn can make me late for my actual job. It's safe to say I've perfected getting ready really fast. Keep scrolling and see my go to outfit formula to ensure I make it to where I need to be onetime, while still looking, you know... alive.

Outfit Formula: Sweatshirt + Overalls + Statement boots = Casual Edge 

This look is probably one of my favorites for when rising out of the door. Why? Because you are sporting a pop of color (my favorite) and look put together. What is better than that? These pair of overalls have been a stable in my wardrobe since I can't even remember. I find my self never being able to get rid of them because they are one of the easiest items to slide on that I own plus all you have to do is put only pair one more item of clothing with them. That just make them all the better! I have never been one for sweatshirts, but recently, I have a new found addiction. I think I own up to maybe eight now. They are easy to slide on and of course provide ultimate comfort. Finally, the black statement boots. I find that they ultimately complete the look and add that edgy yet sleek look to the rest of the casual outfit. Make sure to comment down below your favorite outfit formulas for when you are running out the door. I would LOVE to hear them! :)