This past weekend, I got the opportunity to experience New York from a new view point by attending New York Fashion Week for the first time and getting the chance to experience the fashion industry form the inside. I know it might seem cliché to say, but all with in this four day trip, all of my dreams since I was ten came true. Fashion has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I used to draw my barbie dolls outfits and coordinate an entire fashion show with my sibling in the basement of my house. To be able to sit at a real fashion show and admire the artworks and masterpieces of clothing that these designers created just seemed to surreal to be true.  

I arrived to NYC Friday morning and rushed to SoHo for my first event of fashion week. To start the weekend off, I went to a showroom put together by the Oxford Fashion Studio. Being the first time I had ever been to a showroom, I had no clue as to what I should suspect to happen. When I arrived, there were two designers on display. I got the chance to go up close to each of the garments in these designers collections and notice the details throughout these pieces of artwork. It was so neat to hear about each of the designers inspiration and learn about what made each of their brands so unique. 

Thank you oxford Fashion Studio for having me and allowing me to getting a glimpse at these designers beautiful creations! 

After my visit to the showroom, me and my mom decided to walk around and taken in the beauty of SoHo and of course do a little bit of shopping. SoHo has to be my favorite neighborhood in the city. I love how whenever you look around yourself, there are endless amounts of little details all around you in the architecture, in the window displays, in the people. 

Friday had to have been the coldest day. I did not really want to accept the cold at first so I simply did not layer enough. But as the time went on, my hand started to feel numb and my entire body had goose bumps. That is when me and my mom decided to go back to hotel and change into something a little bit more suitable for the weather. My I.AM.GIA jacket was a lifesaver throughout this entire trip.

Me and my mom headed to the west village before meeting up with my friend Emily. Of course when in the West Village, you have to go to By Chloe! Even though I am not personally vegan, they have to be my favorite kind of restaurants because they have so many healthy option that always taste amazing. Next time you are in NYC, make sure to pop into By Chloe and make sure to get a side of sweet potato fries on the side. 

Later that evening, I met up with my friend Emily from Connecticut to go to my all time favorite bands concert. I was so excited to hear that they were going to be in New York at the same time that I was visiting. I think that it had to have been one of the best concerts I had ever been to. The venue was this quaint auditorium right by union square. The space was tight but you could just feel everyone vibeing with the music and interacting with the band. It was a great way to start out this amazing weekend