Day two in NYC was the official beginning to NYFW for me. The day consisted of three outfit changes, one show, one event, and a fun morning. 

To start off the day, my mom, my friend and I all headed to The Butcher's Daughter for brunch. It was such a great way to start out the begging of a hectic day. Being that the Butcher's Daughter is in my favorite naibohood in NYC, we had to take time to explore a little of Soho. We got a little shopping done, took a couple cute pictures, and enjoyed the weather before the rain hit us fro the remainder of the trip. 

My friend Emily is such an amazing photographer and I am so glad that I got to cherish some time with her. Make sure to go follow her on instagram @emilyvw72 

After Emily and I said our goodbyes, I rushed off to the hotel for a change of clothes for the 
Son Jung Wan show. This experience was breathtaking not only because it was my first show that I have ever gotten the opportunity to attend, but as well as recognizing beautiful artwork and movement within each one of the garments. When watching this show, it was as if I was watching pieces of art walk down the runway. My favorite part about this show would have to have been seeing trends you have seen in the past become something new for the future. It was like watching a fortune teller tell a story through color, patterns, and structure.

After going to my first show, me and my friend Janna went over to the Club Monaco store on 5th Ave for an event to see their installation for their Now You See Me campaign. I thought it was a great way for them to showcase their new collection and involve their audience in a interactive way. 

Outfits of the Day:

Outfit 1
Top- Brandy Melville
Pants- asos
Jacket- h&m
Shoes- nike cortez
Bag- Stella Mcarthy 

Outfit 2-
Top- Zara
Pants- Urban Outfitters
Belt Bag- TopShop
Shoes- Chuck Taylors