I have gotten out of the habit of sharing my favorites of the month as school got hectic and finals were coming up sooner than I thought. but know there are no more excuses since it is summer and I have so much more time on my hands!

For me, June started with me finishing up the school year and taking my last four finals of my junior year. I finally got out of school June 5th and have been cherishing every last moment of my summer ever since. Whether it be taking a day trip to the beach, exploring the flea market, cute new cafes, or just enjoying a movie in the backyard, I am wanting to make sure I have one of the best summers ever! So as the first month of summer is coming to a end I wanted to share some of my favorites through this month. 

1. Fila Disrupters- 
Dad sneakers are back and better than ever! From Balenciaga to Chanel, about every designer has put their own spin on the dad sneaker. Being only 17 and living on the budget of being a teenager, I opted for the fila disrupters in all white. I mean they were only $60, how could I not pass them up? They go with every outfit and are so comfortable!! I would 100% recommend 

2. Charlatte Lawrence- 
If there is one artist that me and my friends have been listening non stop, it would have to be Charlotte Lawrence. She is a new up incoming artist that I found on Spotify. I love her vibe and it is the perfect music to dance and rock out to on a road trip with your girls 

3. ASOS Pink Blazer- 
The latest addition to my blazer collection. You probably saw this blazer in my latest blog post where I shared my love for blazers and how they can be layered over about anything to make a look seem for sleek and put together. I love this new blazer of mine as it adds a little pop of color that is still subtle and neutral. 

4. ASOS Cross Necklace- 
For me, I feel bare without my jewelry. One of my favorite things to do is to layer my necklaces. My new necklace form ASOS has become my new favorite layering piece 

5. Crap Eyewear Sunglasses- 
Ever since I was little, I have had a problem with migraines. One of the main factors for me is being exposed to too much sunlight in my eyes. One the ways I prevent it is by having good pairs of sunglasses that are UV protected. My new favorite pair that I have recently picked up is from CRAP eyewear. I love this brand as they sell cute vintage looking frames that match my style and protect my eyes

S H O P   M Y   F A V O R I T E S :