I want to start a new "mini series" called, "Sharing Some Vibes", where I start to share some of my favorite music of the moment. I have not shared it a lot on here, but music for me has always been a pretty big part of my life from a young age. It is not something I focus on as much anymore but at one point in my life, my all time goal was to become some huge pop star. But because I have always had a love for music, it is something that inspires me. You are probably thinking why this is not another fashion post as per normal, but because my ultimate goal of my blog is to inspire all of you, what better way than through some music. We all listen to it probably every day of our lives, and I know for me personally, I am always looking for some new songs to vibe to.

To start this series out, I made a playlist of a lot of my favorite songs at the moment and some songs that make me feel a little of everything. I know for probably all of us, there are some days we need a song to cry to, a song to dance to, and a song to put you just in a good mood. I called this playlist 'All the Fells' because it has a little of everything and it is a mix of a lot of my current favorite songs of the moment. So turn up the volume and enjoy :))


Let me share a little bit about these songs:

Dreams is a song that flows so well. I love it because it literally describes me as I am the worst at day dreaming lol

Malibu 1992  has a little story behind it. I had planned a trip to New York for NYFW in February of this year and I was meeting up with a with a good friend of mine. We both wanted to go and see a concert so we bought tickers to a band we both had no clue about. The band is called Coin and has ended up being one of my all time favorite bands. Malibu was the first song they played of the night and is the first song I added to this playlist because it has to be my all time favorite song.

18 is song I came across when I was searching for songs for a playlist for my 18th birthday. The song literally describes to me what it is like to be young.

The rest of the songs I will leave you to discover! I recently made my Spotify public if you want to check out the other playlists which are up there.


Emma Lynne