Sometimes, the most fashion-forward people we know are the hardest ones to shop for. How do you pick out something for the girl who already seems to have everything? Don't worry I know from being one of these people myself- with these picks below, you'll find the perfect gift got the fashion girl in your life. Scroll down to see my top picks for the style-obsessed girl in your life

Hair accessories:

1. Hair Clips- You may think that these are for five year olds, but I promise you that these are the new trend and any fashionista in your life will love them!
2. Scrunchies- They have been in style for a while now but they are still a great gift, especially if you are on a budget.


3. Black Bag- When it comes to shopping for purses, it can be very overwhelming. But if you are looking for a perfect bag, than stick to the classic black bag. Although there are so many options, you kind find a bag with little details that add a little personality and complement their style.
4. Sunglasses- My favorite sunglass brand of course is the classic ray bans. They are a great gift because it is not always something someone is going to go out and buy for themselves.
5. Dainty Jewelry- The perfect layering piece for the perfect neck candy.


6. Trendy Coats- A great item to up any fashionistas wardrobe and pull together any look
7. White Sneakers- Probably one of the most practical gifts out there, but one of the best no matter the gender. I know for myself I usually ask for a new pair of sneakers about every Christmas. I listed a few designer pairs down below but some also more affordable options would be a classic pair of Vans or Converse.

Sleep Wear:

8. Satin Pajamas- Every fashionista wants to look good from day to night. If they don't already have a pair of silk pajamas, they need one. They are great for your skin and make you look cute.
9. Sleep Mask-The cutest thing and makes you look extra boujee when you sleep.