We all know that shopping for the boys in our lives (dad, boyfriend, best friend, brother, etc) can be tricky. Let's be real, they're simple and minimal, but that doesn't mean it's easy! In fact those are two that makes buying gifts for them complicated. By now, you've probably have gotten everything you can think of under the sun, and now your dilemma is what to get that man that has everything? Say no more, I've got you covered! I've asked friends and family about shopping for their boys in their life and I made a list and eliminated all the things you've probably (and me too) have already bought them. And voila! I have a few lists so I could try to cover every kind of guy in your life and share things that would make any boy in your life happy. So scroll down and shop the post! 

For the Jetsetter:

1. Polaroid Camera- About everyone has a polaroid camera these days including me. They are perfect for capturing the memories of something in the moment. Although I love my smaller version of the fuji camera that about everyone has, I have become a advent user of this wide and vintage polaroid camera that you can also find at Urban Outfitters. Although it is the same quality as the other polaroid cameras out there, I just think there is something unique and different about shooting on a vintage style one.
2. Uri Minkoff Duffle Bag- I finally found the perfect black leather duffle! It's bug enough to take on it's own for quick trips, or it makes for a great add-on luggage when traveling for vacation or holidays. 
3. Portable Charger- By now in our lives we all of phones or some sort of electronic device. They are our world and are brought with us everywhere and generally at one point die. It is a super practical gift, but whenever the guy in your life phone begins to die, he will be thanking you for the amazing gift of a portable charger. 
4. Hershel Backpack- Everyone needs a good backpack! This has become my absolute favorite backpack for school. It is a multi-gender piece and is so chic and classic. It is perfect for any who travels a ton or anyone who is in school. You can never go wrong with this gift.  
5. Olloclip- A lot of the guys in my life have a hobby of photography. This Olloclip Lets Set for iPhone comes with a Telephoto and Ultra Wide Lens. It is perfect for any of the guys in your life who have a passion or hobby of photography or just any who is often traveling as it will step up their Instagram travel photos. 
6. Airpods- The best invention this year by far. The only explination they need is that just everyone needs a pair in their lives. Because I have been so obsessed with mine, for Christmas this year I bought my brother a pair because he is always finding a way to "borrow" (steal) mine. 

For the Gammer:

Side Note:
You can probably guess that I am not much of a gamer, but we all know that about every guy in our lives love some sort of video games. Because of my lack of knowledge in this topic, I went to my brother and some of my friends to ask what would be some of the best gifts to give someone if they love video games like many of them do :)

1. Gaming Headphones- These headphones are used for anyone to talk to someone while their playing video games. I know for my brother he is constantly using them to talk to his friends back in North Carolina while he is playing them. It is a great way for that gammer to connect with their friends and just step up their gaming level. I of course choose these chic white pair but there are plenty of other options out there is many different colors.
2. Controller- I know every year for christmas my brother is always asking for a new controller for whatever console he is using the most at the moment (I mean he has like five, I can't keep up). But they are perfect so they can play with any of their friends at the same time when they come over. I linked one for the Xbox but I know you can buy the for a Play Station or a Wii or any of the other consoles out there that gammers are using these days.
3. Nintendo Switch- I have never heard of what this was until ask some of my friends what they are asking for this Christmas. Many of them mentioned this product and I actually think it is super neat. Basically a quick summary is that it is a portable video game that you can bring with you anywhere. I linked a set that I found of amazon which includes the console, a charger and two remotes. If you want to go even more all out, I saw there are different accessories you can buy like other remotes and cases. 
4. Gaming Subscriptions- There is a subscription for everything these days, so I looked up the different subscriptions you can get for gaming and there are literally so many out there. You could get someone a subscription to things through the console they use the most. There is Xbox Live Gold, Play Station Now, Playstation Plus, or Xbox Game Pass which all basically give you access to a countless amounts of games and other features like live chats. Some other popular subscriptions you can check out is Twitch, Humble, Utomik, EA Access, or Origin Access. I mean what is a better gift that a year of something someone loves. 

For Your Well Dressed Man:

1. Sneakers- Probably one of the most practical gifts out there, but one of the best no matter the gender. I know for myself I usually ask for a new pair of sneakers about every Christmas. I listed a few designer pairs down below but some also more affordable options would be a classic pair of Vans or Converse.
2. Sweatshirt- Everyone needs a good Sweatshirt in their wardrobe. They are so versatile and there are so many options out there. My personal favorite brand of sweatshirts are definitely Champion, but you could also buy a nice designer one or maybe something with a graphic that represents something special in your relationship with whoever you are gifting this sweatshirt too. My and one of my friends both love watching friends and we would always watch together when studying, so last year for christmas I bought him a hoodie with the friends logo on it.
3. Wallet- A wallet is a necessity for everyone. Everyone probably already has one but you could go and get that guy in your life that wallet he has always dreamed of having. I linked some of my favorite designer option down below.
4. Sunglasses- My favorite sunglass brand of course is the classic ray bans. They are a great gift because it is not always something someone is going to go out and buy for themselves.
5. Funky Socks- For any of the guys in you life that are always looking nice and well dressed, they will love this gift of funky socks. They are a great way to add some detail and character to their look and will totally step up their fit game. I linked some designer ones down below but you can also find some super cool pairs at stores like H&M, Forever 21, Topman or Express.