I don’t know about you but at the end of every year I have the ‘how can I live a better life?’ conversation with myself. I get out a journal and a pen and get to jotting down all of the things that I would like to be better at or do in the new year to live ‘my best life’. After already having this conversation with myself for 2019 I thought that it would be fun to jot down some tips that I have on how you can start 2019 with a happier and healthier mindset!

1.     Learn to say no when you need time for yourself
2.     Remember that your perspective is your reality
3.     Spend time on what gives you energy…not what takes it
4.     You can make more money but the memories are irreplaceable
5.     Put down your phone and pick up a book or call up a friend
6.     The right attention from the right people is what matters
7.     To have a friend is to be a friend
8.     It is okay to take your time
9.     Not everyone will like or support you but finding those that do will make the biggest difference
10.  Breathe more

Please leave any more tips that you have on how we can make 2019 the best year yet and how we can all continue to live the best life that we can! I would also love to know what each of my tips means to you as well as what blog posts you would like to see in the new year!!