Who here is ready for a new year? I know that I am! Today I wanted to sit down and reflect on the past year so I can take what I have learned and bring into the new year. Reflecting is so important when beginning to think about what you want your new year to look like. When I begin to reflect, I like to separate my thought process into three categories. One: the things I learned so I can bring them into the new year with me. Two: how I want to grow so I can improve myself in the new year. Three: and set new intentions for the new year (read last years post one why I set intentions instead of resolutions

1. What I Have Learned

I am not going to lie, this past year was ok. I wanted to be all positive but I want to also be honest.  But overall 2018 helped me to accept the challenges the world brings my way and learn and grow from them. When I moved in my senior year, all I could think about was the negatives and all the things that could possibly go wrong. Whether it was worrying about if I would make friends, if I would get the right schedule, or if I would fit in. I had all these "what ifs" racing through my head and and because of that, I was allowing the negativity to just completely cloud my head. So I began to teach myself how to have a positive mindset. It helped me realize how just by having a positive mindset can completely change how you live you life. 

In 2018 I also let myself learn what forgiveness really meant. I began to recognize that by not forgiving did not mean that I was hurting the other person, but rather the exact opposite. I was hurting myself and was not allowing myself to reach my full potential because not forgiving just held me back. Because I was able to see this, I let myself learn what it meant to forgive and how I could forgive. By forgiving the past, I was able to become a better me and opened myself up to a more  positive mindset. 

2. How I Can Grow

The big things that I can take away from 2018 is learning how to deal with challenges, beginning to think in a positive mindset and learning what it means to forgive. I don't want to leave these things behind in 2018, but rather bring them with me into the new year. 

3. 2019 Intentions

1. I intend to learn how to become more satisfied 
2. I intend to have a healthy relationship with my body, mind and soul
3. I intend to be present in the moment 
4. I intend to trust the process of life
5. I intend to be thankful for the little things and maintain a attitude of gratitude 
6. I intend to inspire and help others
7. I intend to have a positive mindset