Hi! My name is Emma Lynne. I am a high school girl who has fallin in love with life, a girl who has a passion for fashion, a girl who loves helping others, and a girl who is one big dreamer. In 2016, I decided to start a fashion blog because I wanted some place where I could talk about all of the things I love and have a creative outlet where I can express my self. But over the year as my blog has grown, and I have grown with it by developing my style, learning to go out of my comfort zone, discovering new dreams for my future, and ultimately finding who I am.

I have always grown in the suburbs of a big city. As a young girl, I used to play dress in hopes of one day making it to the big city. I would dress up with a dream in mind. Weather it was dreaming of being a pop star, becoming a princess, or pretending that I was walking the runway of New York Fashion Week, I have always been someone that is forward thinking and had goal of what I would be. While I grew up in the suburbs, I also grew up exploring different careers, living different sides to my personality and exploring what I wanted my life to be. When someone tells you something enough, you start to believe it, and thankfully I was always told that I could be what ever I wanted to be. 

"Dress for the job you want."

"Style your life the way you want to be."

"Dream as if you will live forever."

 "Little girls with dreams become women with a vision."

 These are not famous quotes for any other reason other than the fact that they are true. The truth is we all have dreams. And this space, this website, this blog, and my story, it hopes to inspire you to not just to have dreams, but to become the Chanel kind of girl you have always wanted to become. A girl who is confident, a girl who dresses for herself and a girl who can become who ever she wants to be.

I am so excited for you to continue reading my blog as I share with you my favorite fashion trends, lifestyle tips, my beauty tricks, and the little adventures I go on. I really hope that as you read my blog that it helps you to grow as it has helped me grow, to help you become more confident, and that you can be inspired to become your own Chanel kind of girl who goes out and conquers your dreams of whoever you want to be.   


Your Chanel Kind of Girl

If you ever want to chat or ask any questions, you can email me at elwalpole1027@gmail.com and I will make sure to reply.  Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated with me on a daily basis. Also make sure to subscribe by following me through email on the sidebar.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to look at my blog! IT MEANS THE WORLD! I hope you have an amazing day!